CB's Annual Halloween Party, hosted by RSI Entertainment's own DJ Lil Fos.  Our Monster Bash is and one of the best of the year. It takes a venue like ours (massive) to house such an epic event.  Whether you are a zombie or Hillary, ninja turtle or sexy witch this is the party for you.  Our 7000+ square feet of space in our main ballroom is oozing with ghouls, goblins, spiders and skeletons and sick jams.  As always our light and lasers that consume our dance floor will not disappoint.    So calling all those Pokemons and Kylie Jenners, join us and RAGE!  $300 cash prize awarded for the top voted costume and gift cards given out throughout the night for those of you whose costumes we deem worthy.

Costume Contest.

  • Must be in the party by 10:00 PM for costumes to be judged
  • No costumes with stilts will be allowed in the party (max costume height is 10ft)
  • No costume weapons will be allowed in the party.
  • Judges will hand out bracelets to 30 costumed patrons to participate in the contest.
  • Judges will bring all 30 participants up on to the stage for judging in front of the audience.
  • Crowd reaction to each costume as determined by judges will determine the winner of the contest.
  • The participant with the loudest and most positive crowd reaction as determined by the judges will win the cash prize.
  • Clarendon Ballroom has the right to deny entry to any contestant if their costume presents a danger to the other guests or interferes with fire codes.  If you have any questions PLEASE CALL!


Cover is $5 all night long.  Must be 21+ to enter.