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As with any special occasion, the food should reflect the taste and preferences of the hosts. Our catering staff is happy to create new and unique menus for special occasions and welcomes the suggestions and requests of our clients.   Executive chef  Patrick Crump  hails from the prestigious  Culinary Institute of America  and has worked in such nationally renowned establishments as  The Homestead , Jimmy Sneed’s  The Frog and the Redneck , Patrick O’Connell’s  The Inn at Little Washington , and  The Ashby Inn . Before heading the kitchen at the Ballroom, Chef Crump had most recently been running his own catering company,  Salt and Pepper Catering, Inc .

As with any special occasion, the food should reflect the taste and preferences of the hosts. Our catering staff is happy to create new and unique menus for special occasions and welcomes the suggestions and requests of our clients.

Executive chef Patrick Crump hails from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and has worked in such nationally renowned establishments as The Homestead, Jimmy Sneed’s The Frog and the Redneck, Patrick O’Connell’s The Inn at Little Washington, and The Ashby Inn. Before heading the kitchen at the Ballroom, Chef Crump had most recently been running his own catering company, Salt and Pepper Catering, Inc.



Bar Menu

Clarendon Ballroom
Bar Packages

-Hosted Bar Charged By Consumption-

Top Shelf Liquors
Ultra-Premium Brands
Premium Brands
House Brands
House Wine
House Sparkling Wine
Imported Beer
Domestic Beer
Soft Drinks
Mineral Waters
Fresh Juice

The Clarendon Ballroom House Wine
Stowell Cellars Chardonnay (CA); Eguren Cabernet (SP); Prendo Pinot Grigio (IT); Les Volets Pinot Noir (FR); Prodigo Sauvignon Blanc (IT); Guilhem Rose (FR); Montreros Cava (SP)

$33 per bottle

The Clarendon Ballroom House Sparkler
Montelliana Prosecco

$35 per bottle

The Clarendon Ballroom House “Champagne”

Thibaut – Janisson Virginia Sparkling Wine

$65 per bottle

$125 service charge per bartender applies.

Pricing does not include tax and house gratuity (20%).

Hosted bar, charged at a package price

Package pricing includes open bar for time period indicated.

Beer and Wine Package
Draft and Bottle Beer, House Wine

4 hours    $40/guest

House Bar
Draft and bottle beer, House wine
and our House Brand Liquors

4 hours    $44/guest

Premium House Bar
Draft and Bottle Beer, House Wine,
and our Premium Liquors

4 hours    $50/guest

Bar packages are also available for a three hour time period - please ask your event coordinator for details.

$125 service charge per bartender for a 5-hour event.

Additional hours: $35/hour

Downstairs Lounge Bar Set-Up Fee


Specialty/Satellite Bar Set-up Fee


All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

Clarendon Ballroom
Liquor Selection

House Brands
Absolut, Stoli, Three Olives, Tito's, Deep Eddy Vodkas
Firefly Vodka
Tanqueray Gin
Jack Daniel's, Seagram's 7, and Fireball Whiskeys
Four Roses and Jim Beam Bourbons
Bacardi, Malibu, and Captain Morgan's Rums
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Dewar's and Johnny Walker Red Scotch

Premium Brands
Johnny Walker Black Scotch
Ketel One, Grey Goose, and Ciroc Vodkas
Myer's Rum
Maker’s Mark Bourbon
Hendrick's Gin
Crown, Chivas, and Jameson’s Whiskeys
1800 Silver Tequila
Bulleit Rye

Ultra-Premium Brands
Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch
Knob Creek Bourbon
Patron Anejo Tequila
Hennessy Cognac
Baker’s, Booker's, Four Roses Small Batch and Woodford Reserve Bourbons

Top Shelf Liquors
Balvenie Double wood 12 year Scotch
Glenfiddich Scotch
The Macallan Scotch
Oban 14 year Scotch

Grand Marnier
Sambuca Romana

Buffet Menu

Clarendon Ballroom
Buffet Menu

Beef Tenderloin
The most tender cut of beef meticulously trimmed, carefully tied, rubbed with brandied peppercorns, seared over open fire and cooked to a juicy medium rare. Served with a fresh horseradish sauce or a Cabernet and demi-glace reduction.
$18 per guest with the horseradish sauce
$21 per guest with the Cabernet demi-glace reduction

Chef and carving station may be required

London Broil
The classic cut of beef for the grill – thick steaks of juicy marinated London Broil are seared on a high heat, then slowly finished in an oven to produce a meltingly tender and very flavorful cut of beef.

Chef and carving station may be required

Shiitake and Speck roulade
A butterflied breast of chicken wrapped around a bundle of butter sautéed shiitake mushrooms, and paper-thin slices of smoked prosciutto. The roulades are sliced into medallions for service and bathed in a cream and white wine enriched classic Sauce Supreme

Grilled salmon
Diamonds of salmon filet grilled and then topped with a fresh tomato and fennel salsa

Smoked turkey breast
Our turkeys are first marinated with fresh thyme and mustard. They are then slowly smoked over subtle apple and cherry woods for a mellow flavor and juicy texture. Our chefs expertly carve and artfully arrange the turkey with our cranberry bourbon relish and sweet and spicy mustard.

Saffron braised monkfish
Chunks of seared monkfish braised in a pale pink saffron and vegetable broth with ribbons of stewed leeks and chunks of fresh tomato


Polenta crusted side of salmon
A smooth and light polenta spread over a whole side of salmon, baked until the salmon inside is just barely done and the polenta has formed a crisp outer shell.

$12 per guest

Blackened Salmon
Diamond shaped filets of salmon crusted in the classic Cajun spice and pan seared. Finished in the oven and served over a mild Poblano etouffee.
Demi portion

$3.50 - $7.00

Corn pudding
Decadent custard filled with sweet bits of fresh corn and accented with cracked black pepper

Wheatberry, green apple, and dried cherry salad in a sherry and ginger vinaigrette

Roasted eggplant salad with pomegranate molasses

Quinoa and sugar snap peas in lemon infused extra virgin olive oil

Green beans with fried shallots in a lemon dill sauce

Grilled vegetables in an aged balsamic vinaigrette


Haricots verts almondine – baby French green beans tossed in a beurre noisette with toasted almonds

Grilled marinated portobella mushroom caps

Scalloped potatoes – thin sliced Idaho potatoes cooked slowly on the stovetop in real cream then browned in a hot oven

Classic rice pilaf – fragrant basmati cooked in a rich chicken stock with butter, fresh thyme sprigs, and shallots

Thick cubes of challah bread married with butter seared wild mushrooms, fresh corn, and sweet red pepper jewels baked into a satisfying fall stuffing

Menu items carry a 20 person minimum

Prices are subject to change

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your chance of foodborne illness

Butlered Hors d’Oeuvre

Clarendon Ballroom
Butlered Hors d’Oeuvre

Pigs in a Blanket

Thick Cut Maple Brushed Roasted Bacon Bites

Grilled Asparagus
Lemon Dill Cream

Mozzarella Sticks

Spicy Vegetable Pakoras
Coriander Dipping Sauce
(Minimum of 100 pieces)

$125 per fifty pieces

Maki Sushi
Rolls to include California, Spicy Tuna, Shiitake, and more
Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, and Soy Sauce.*
(Minimum of 300 pieces)

Stuffed Focaccia Squares; (your choice of...)
Mascarpone, Tomatoes, Basil and Cracked Black Pepper
Prosciutto San Daniele and Herbed Boursin
(Minimum of 60)

Flat Bread
Margherita or Shiitake Mushrooms and Provolone

Corn Fritters

(Minimum of 100 pieces)

Mini Spanakopita – Feta, Mint, and Ricotta

Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers, EVOO

Pastrami-cure Salmon Bites; Dilled Mustard & Maldon Salt

Smoked New Zealand Green Lip Mussels; Cracked Black Pepper Mignonette*

Apple Slices, Stilton spiked Mascarpone, and toasted Pecans

Grilled Cumin and Pepper crusted chicken skewers
jalapeno lime aioli

Crispy Spring Rolls Rice Wine Vinegar & Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Chicken and Shrimp or Roasted Tofu
(Minimum of 100)

Garden Rolls; Noodles, Sprouts, Mint, and Shrimp
Spicy Peanut Sauce
(Minimum of 100)

Pulled Chicken Quesadilla
Sour Cream, Salsa Fresca

Skewers of Barbecued Lemongrass Beef
Sweet and Savory Dipping Sauce

Prosciutto and Potato Croquetas

Chicken Satay
Sweet Chili Sauce

Chopped Liver on Pumpermickel Crostini

$150 per fifty pieces

Deviled Eggs
Classic with a twist

Italian Grissini, Fresh Herb Boursin, and Prosciutto San Daniele*

Grilled Shiitakes; with Shallots and Thyme
(minimum order of 40)

Thai Steak Roulades
Pinwheels of Medium Rare Steak and Fresh Basil, Jalapeno and Lime Dipping Sauce

Salmon Brochettes
Lemon Nage

Tabouleh stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Tuna Ceviche Spoons; (served in a ceramic spoon with fresh lime wedge)

New Potatoes, Maple Glazed Bacon, Cheddar, Chive Sour Cream

San Daniele Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Broiled Mussels; New Zealand Green Lip Mussels, Red Pepper and Sesame Custard

Olive Ascoli Pisceno (Sausage stuffed Fried Green Olives)

Soup Sips (Client’s Choice)
Cream of Sweet Red Pepper
Chilied Cream of Pumpkin
Cream of Sweet Corn
Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

Add Jumbo lump Crabmeat to any of the above - $2.50

Seared Pepper Crusted Tuna; Sea Salt and Pepper Crusted Ahi
Horseradish Cream

$175 per fifty pieces

Gravlox Rosettes
House-cured Salmon, Pumpernickel, Mustard Dill Sauce*

Duck Ham
Brined, Smoked, Seared, and Sliced, Balsamic Reduction

Fried Pickles with Tarragon Buttermilk Dipping Sauce

Potato Latkes
Sour Cream, Vanilla scented apple sauce
(Minimum of 100 pieces)

Lamb Carpaccio
Belgian Endive, Silly Onions, and Relish*

Skewered Noisettes of Beef Tenderloin
(medium rare unless otherwise requested)
Béarnaise Sauce*
(Minimum of 150)

Lamb Loin Noisettes
(medium rare unless otherwise requested)
Coriander or Lemon Tahini*

$200 per fifty pieces

Crab Cakes
Jumbo Lump, Mustard Seed Dressing, broiled on Sourdough Rounds
(Minimum of 30)
$4.50 per piece

Marinated: Lemon, Garlic, and Italian Parsley offered with Remoulade
Poached: Lemon Aioli and homemade Spicy Cocktail Sauce
$60 per pound in 5 pound increments (21-25 count)


Thai: Marinated in a Ginger and Basil scented Thai Vinaigrette
$60 per pound in 5 pound increments (21-25 count)


Grilled with Cumin Caper Dipping Sauce
$80 per pound in 5 pound increments (21-25 count)

Nigiri Sushi
Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, and Unagi
Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, and Soy Sauce.*
(Minimum of 100 pieces)
$5 per piece

Lobster Tail and Aioli
$5 per piece

Lamb Chop Lollipops
Herb Crusted (medium rare unless otherwise requested)
$7 per piece

Seasonal – PEI, Pacific Northwest, or local Virginia and Maryland oysters
House Mignonette, Horseradish, Lemon, or Homemade Spicy Cocktail Sauce*
(Subject to availability)

Mini Plates

Belgian Style Hand-cut Fries
Sea salt and black pepper, Tabasco, malt vinegar and ketchup (served in paper cone)

Sweet Potatoes Fries
brandied pepper and sea salt (served in paper cone)

Fried Calamari
Blistered green beans in sweet and chili glaze
(served in mini Chinese Take-Out boxes with chopsticks)


Korean Chicken Boxes
$5 each

Mini Mac and Cheese
Cheddar and Monterey Jack OR Fontina & Leek
$5.50 each

Grilled Cheese Triangles offered with Tomato-Basil Soup
Applewood Smoked Bacon Grilled Cheese
Tomato, Basil, Provolone Grilled Cheese
$6 each

Shrimp and Corvina Ceviche with fresh Cilantro, Lime and juicy Tomatoes
(served in a martini glass)

Shrimp and Grits
Creamy Grits and Seared Shrimp Étouffée
(served in a martini glass)

Mini Mac and Cheese
Black Truffle and Fontina

$8 each

Pop Corn in Boxes

All prices subject to change
All items subject to local taxes and House Service Charge (20%)

*Eating raw or undercooked foods increases the chance of foodborne illness


Clarendon Ballroom
Breakfast Menu

Continental Assortments

Bagel Basket
An assortment of all sorts of fresh, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, Bagels – Poppyseed, Sesame, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, etc.
Served with the Traditional - Cream Cheese, Real Sweet Butter, and Jam.


Full Size Breakfast Pastries
Put together your own special assortment from the following options:

Almond, Apple, Apricot, Raspberry, Cheese, Cherry, Cinnamon, Custard,
Cinnamon-Raisin, Chocolate Poppy Seed

$4.50 each

Cinnamon Icing Topped Roll

$4.50 each

Raspberry Almond Bear Claw

$4.50 each

Butter Croissant

$4.50 each

Banana Nut, Blueberry, Bran, Zucchini Nut,
Cranberry, Apple-Cinnamon
$4.50 each

Special Filled Croissant
Almond, Apple-Custard, Chocolate, Cherry-Custard
Cinnamon, Pain Au Raisin
$4.50 each

Pecan Roll
$4.50 each

Coffee Cakes
Cinnamon Raisin Ring, Mixed Fruit Ring, Almond Raisin Ring,
Flat Almond, Flat Apple and Flat Raspberry Almond
(serves 6 to 8 people)


Also available in mini size the following

Croissant, Special Croissants and Danish
Served with all the necessary sweet butter and jam.
(2 dozen minimum of each kind)

$26 per dozen

Fruit and the lighter side

Plain Yogurt

$19.50 by the quart

Assorted Yogurts
Non-fat, traditional, or sugar-free
(sold by the dozen)

$3.00 each

Seasonal Fruit Salad
Whatever the market has to offer – strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, etc.

$3.50 per guest

Basket of Whole Fruits
Bananas, apples, oranges etc. set in a big wicker basket. We will leave it at breakfast, and pick it up at lunch.

$2.50 per guest

Individual Boxes of Cereal
Single serving boxes in all different flavors. If you have any preferences, let us know.

$3.00 per box

Individual skim, 2%, or whole milk in individual servings

Instant Oatmeal
$2.00 each

Soy Milk
By the quart - $9.00


Scrambled Eggs
Fresh eggs cooked right in front of your guests


Add Diced Tomatoes, Grated Cheddar, and Scallions


Chef and Equipment fees apply

Crisp Bacon

$4.50 per guest

Most menu items carry a 20 person minimum

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

Happy Hour

Clarendon Ballroom
Happy Hour Menu

Homemade Chicken Tenders
First brined, then marinated, then dredge in our spiced flour and fried.
Juicy, decadent, and delicious
(minimum 50)

$6.00 per guest

Buffalo wings
Meaty drumettes and wings in the classic Pete’s hot sauce
Served with blue cheese and celery straws
(minimum 50 pieces)

10 pieces - $25.00

Chips and salsa
Our homemade salsa fresca with crispy Moctec tortilla chips
(minimum 50)

$4 per guest
Add Guacamole - $3.50

Soft Pretzels and Queso Fundido
Spicy spigot cheese with soft pretzel sticks
(minimum 50)

$4 per guest

Hummus and pita
Zesty eastern dip with triangles of warm pita
(minimum 50)

$4 per guest

Toasted tortilla chips topped with cheese, pulled chicken,
pico di gallo, sour cream, and guacamole

$8.50 per order

Clarendon Ballroom Sliders
Seared mini burger on poppyseed bun with cheddar and fried onion
(minimum 50 pieces)

$4 per guest

Fried Chicken Sliders
with spicy mayonnaise, shredded lettuce and pickles
(minimum 50 pieces)

Grilled Hot Dog Bites with Spicy Mustard

Mini Corndogs
All Beef Boar's Head Hot dogs in Cornmeal Batter

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%)


Clarendon Ballroom
Lunch Menu

Sandwich Assortments

Premium Lunch Assortment
Regular sandwiches taken up a notch.
Chef’s assortment of the following:

White meat tarragon chicken salad on wheat with lettuce
Grilled Portobella mushroom caps, lettuce, and tomato
Smoked turkey and provolone with bacon and dijonaise
Piled High Corned Beef with Spicy Slaw

Grilled chicken with pesto mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato on onion roll
Roast beef, herbed boursin cheese, and red onion on knot rolls
Mediterranean Tuna Salad on Baguette
Grilled Chicken with Guacamole, Lettuce, and Tomatoes

(Minimum of 10 sandwiches per variety)

$8.99 per guest

Assorted chips
Individual bags of Route 11 potato chips in dill, BBQ, and plain,


Side salads

Mediterranean potato salad
Grilled corn and tomato salad
Classic potato salad
Cucumber and basil salad
Garlic pasta salad
Classic macaroni salad
Moroccan carrots
Grilled vegetable salad
Asian slaw

$3.50 per guest

Spring orzo salad
Quinoa and snap peas
Creamy pesto pasta salad
Grilled asparagus
Celebration pasta salad
Green apple and wheatberry salad
Don’s Broccoli salad with bacon

$4 per guest

Cole slaw

$3.00 per guest

Green Side Salads

Caesar salad
Crunchy Romaine tossed with our garlicky dressing, homemade croutons, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

$5 per guest

Garden salad
All the goodness of the garden - a fresh mix of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved red onion, shredded carrots, and homemade Parmesan croutons served with our balsamic dressing
$4.50 per guest

Provencale salad
An assortment of greens tossed with marinated roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and pine nuts in a red wine vinaigrette
$5 per guest

Spinach salad
Tender baby spinach leaves tossed with crumbled Thumann’s bacon, red onion, and diced tomatoes in a sherry vinaigrette

$5 per guest

Wintery Mix
Mixed greens tossed with bits of blue cheese, pecans, and dried cherries in our sherry Dijon vinaigrette

$5 per guest

Add Grilled chicken to any of the above salads
in any of the following flavors

Ginger chicken - black sesame and honey glazed
Cajun grilled – the traditional blend of blackening spice
Peruvian style – fragrant with cumin and cracked black pepper
Lemon and herb – Marinated in lemon oil and fresh herbs
Moroccan – tossed with harissa spice and lemon slices
Bbq glazed – our own “Rooster” sauce on a grilled breast


Santa Fe Steak Salad
Grilled London Broil sliced thinly and tossed with peppers and
onions in a lively chili dressing

Thai Steak Salad
Grilled steak tossed in a spicy vinaigrette with spring onions,
cabbage, and Romaine lettuce

Hot Soup
Our soups are made entirely from scratch using fresh and seasonal ingredients, real cream, and homemade stocks

Featured soups:

Cream of potato leek
Tortilla chicken soup
Creole tomato vegetable
Cream of shiitake mushroom
Old Fashioned chicken soup
Tomato basil
Cream of asparagus

$4.50 - $5.00 per guest

Please ask about other varieties

And finally - Dessert

Fudge Brownies and Walnut Blondies
The most sinfully chocolate, chewiest brownies available. We start out with a pound of chocolate per batch, and then add a lot more. The blondies are just as rich – a buttery dough dense with chocolate chips and walnuts.

$4 per guest

Lemon Bars
Buttery Crust – Tangy Curd

$4 per guest

Homemade cookies
A variety of chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal cookies baked fresh for your lunch

$3.50 per guest

A combination of the above – leave plenty of room –
$4 per guest

Also available – assorted pastries, pies, and cakes to suit any request.

Ice available at a small additional charge.

An assortment of the most popular sodas – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.

$2.50 per guest

Flavored Iced Teas
Earl Grey, Jasmine, Chai and more. Both sweetened and not

$5.00 per guest

Bottled Water

$3.00 per bottle

San Pellegrino
Sparkling (1 liter)

$5 per bottle

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

Pastries and Desserts

Clarendon Ballroom
Plated Pastries

Dense chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, Marzipan, and Apricot Jam

Sunny Sin
Coconut dacquoise, coconut mousse, pineapple soufflé

Cassis or Raspberry Mousse
Black currant or raspberry mousse atop ladyfinger cake

Hazelnut Bavarian and chocolate mousse

Millefeville au caramel
The classic “Napoleon” with flaky layers and lighter than air pastry cream

Mixed fruit Tart

Mango, Lime
Mango and lime mousses, almond dacquoise chocolate macaroon

Caramel dipped cream puff over a flaky pastry with Chantilly cream.

Apple, Lemon, Pear or Apricot tarts


Chocolate purse filled with milk chocolate mousse


Miniature Pastries
Assortment of bite size versions of the above


(Minimum of 150)
72% Bittersweet
Salted Butter Caramel
Irish Coffee
Ancho Chili
Citrus Caramel
Aged Bourbon
Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Freshly Baked Old Fashioned Cookies

Our Standards

Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip with Nuts
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Chunk
Double Chocolate
Oreo Chunk
Heath Crunch
White Chocolate Macadamia

$3.50 per guest

French Style Butter Cookies
Palmiers, sables

Almond Tuiles, Batons, Pralines Financiers, Pecan Sables

Chocolate, Lemon, Coconut-Passionfruit, Pistachio
Almond, Hazelnut, Raspberry
$2.50 each

Dessert Bars

Double Chocolate Brownies
Pecan Bars
Lemon Bars
Espresso Brownies
Oatmeal Raspberry Bar

$4.50 per guest

Cheese Cake

Traditional (New York) Style
$50 per cake
Fresh fruit (Seasonal)
$58 per cake

Quick breads & Pound Cakes

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Lemon Pound Cake
Banana Nut Bread
Apple Spice Cake
Marble Pound Cake
Blueberry Pound Cake
Pumpkin Bread

$4 per guest

Our bakers will work to meet any special request. Inquire with your event planner for details.

Wedding Cakes
Our cakes are decadently delicious – a result of using the best ingredients, meticulous technique, and our baker’s unique recipes. We encourage our Clients to order additional slices – people often request seconds.

Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue, crunchy hazelnut and white chocolate.

Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache cream and raspberry jam.

Butter cream and almond cake flavored with Grand Marnier brandy

White, milk and dark chocolate mousse, flourless hazelnut cake

Crunchy almond meringue and yellow cake
layered with hazelnut butter cream

Light genoise cake with fresh strawberries, Kirsch and mousseline cream

Light cake filled with fresh lemon butter cream

$7 per slice

If a cake or confections are purchased from an outside vendor, Clients will be charged a $3 per guest service fee.

Traditional Italian recipes with an authentic artisanal style,
made with premium ingredients

Amarena Cherry
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Mint
Dark Chocolate

Dulce de Leche
French Vanilla
Fromage Blanc
Green Tea
Irish Cream
Mocha Almond
Rum Raisin
Toasted Almond
Vanilla Bean
White Chocolate

$ 4.50 x serving

This is special treat for Fruit Lovers, made with selected
fruit from around the world

Blood Orange
Campari & Grapefruit
Greenapple & Calvados
Mixed Berry
Passion Fruit
Piña Colada
Rose Petal

$4.50 per serving

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

Plated Dinner

Clarendon Ballroom
Dinner Menu

First Course

Sweet Corn and Black Truffle Cream

Creamy Red Bell Pepper with Snipped Chives

With Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Cream of Shiitake and Cremini Mushrooms

Lobster Bisque; Lobster Broth, Cream, Lobster Chunks, Baguette Croustades

Fall Salad
Bibb and Romaine, Gingered Apples, Maytag Blue, Butter-toasted Pecans, Dijon Vinaigrette

Boston Salad
Lettuce leaves mixed with Peppery Arugula and tossed with Tomatoes, Red Pepper Confetti, Curls of Parmigiano Reggiano, and Toasted Pine Nuts
Ultra Traditional Red Wine Vinaigrette

Grilled Portobella
Portobella Mushroom, Roasted Tomatoes, Pistachio crusted Chevre Rounds, Parsnip Frazzles

Second Course

Grilled Cilantro and Chili crusted Mahi Mahi
Cayenne scented Cornbread Flan
Fresh Tomato and Preserved Lemon Salsa

Polenta crusted Salmon
Tomato Coulis, Red Pepper and Shiitake Bread Pudding

Grilled Pepper crusted Filet Mignon*
Sauce Chasseur (Wild Mushrooms, Cabernet, Veal Demi-Glace)
Whipped Red Bliss Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables

Elysian Fields Lamb Loin and Chop Duet
Cabernet Reduction, Olive Oil Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes

Chicken Roulade filled with Shiitake Sauté and Fresh Thyme
Sauce Supreme (Chardonnay and Chicken Stock Reduction, Cream), Basmati Rice Pilaf

Herb crusted Roasted Chicken
Brandied Jus, Fresh Corn and Red Pepper Dressing, Whipped Red Bliss Potatoes

Lacquered Salmon
Soy Reduction, Gingered Asparagus and Napa Sauté, Scallion and Red Pepper Garnish, Jasmine Rice

Grilled Parsley crusted Mahi Mahi
Leek Beurre Blanc, Lemon Basmati with Sunflower Seeds
Seasonal accompaniment

Coffee and Tea

All Dinners complimented by a selection of breads and sweet butter dusted with sea salt

All Dinner Courses paired with the appropriate vegetable accompaniments– please consult with your Event Coordinator for seasonal suggestions.

All menu items are subject to local taxes and House Service Charge (20%)


Clarendon Ballroom
Hors d'Oeuvre Stations

Fresh Veggies
Crunchy shards of sweet red pepper, sticks of bright carrot and celery, plump tomatoes and vibrant green beans or asparagus – once again, only the season’s best arranged colorfully with various dips and fresh flowers into a stunning display. Your choice of hummus, creamy lemon dill, or traditional ranch dips.

$4.50 per guest

American Artisanal Cheese Display
Cheeses to include such favorites as:
Bonne Bouche, Bijou, Maytag Blue, and Sweet Grass Dairy Camembert

To be paired with an assortment of Acacian Honey, Toasted Nuts, Fig Jam, Dried Fruit, Balsamic Reduction, assorted breads and crackers

Please note, cheese selection is seasonal and may include cheese made from unpasteurized milk.

$8.95 per guest

Mediterranean Antipasto display
A savory blending of European and Middle Eastern flavors presented in a gorgeous display.
Colorful platters of Hummus, Tabouleh, Baba Ghanoush
and Tarragon scented Labneh
Crudite and grilled Pita
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Tahini
Marinated fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes
Marinated Olives

$10.95 per guest

Possible Additions
Grilled Oregano and Lemon Chicken Skewers with Dill scented Yogurt Sauce $3.50
Herb Marinated Lamb Chops
Cinnamon Pepper Lamb Chops
Israeli Salad
Roasted Eggplant with Pomagranate Molasses

House Cheese Board
A selection of Cotswold, Creamy Brie with Toasted Almonds and Honey, and Pistachio crusted Goat Cheese. Accompanied by a selection of Grapes, Apples, Berries, Baguette, Nuts and Water Crackers.

$5.95 per guest

American Antipasto
La Quercia Prosciutto, Olli Norcino Salame, Meadow Creek Dairy Mountaineer, Roasted Peppers and Seasonal Veggie Antipastos such as grilled and marinated eggplant and cucumber basil salad
Focaccia, Grissini, and Ficelle

$11.50 per guest

Sushi bar*
Our extremely talented chefs will be happy to arrange a buffet to please all appetites. For the traditionalists, fresh raw nigiri, for the more timid, wonderful rolls made from cooked crab and vegetables.

The preferences and requests of our Clients are accommodated in every way.
Accompanied by soy sauce, wasabi (fresh wasabi is available), pickled ginger and served on a lit sushi bar.

Nigiri - $5.00/piece with a 100 piece minimum
Rolls - $3.00/piece with a 300 piece minimum
Sushi Chef $175
Sushi Bar Set-up $150

For a more complete Japanese cuisine experience, please inquire with your Event Coordinator about adding:

Tempura – Vegetable and Sweet Shrimp


Seaweed Salad

Pasta and antipasto

(Select two)

Chevre and Roasted Tomato Ravioli in Rosemary Pasta
Smoked Chicken, Mascarpone, and Pine Nut Ravioli
Sweet Basil, Ricotta, and Mozzarella Ravioli
Lobster Ravioli in Parsely Pasta
Wild Mushroom and Herb Ravioli in Black Pepper Pasta
Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli (seasonal)

Served in the following preparations
(Select two)

Herb infused Cream
Truffled Parmigiano Sauce
Fresh Tomato Sauté drizzled with Homemade Pesto
Bolognese Sauce
Tomato Basil Sauce
Vodka Sauce
Sage Butter

Offered with Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Ribbons of Imported Italian prosciutto San Daniele* served alongside displays of sweet cantaloupe

Fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with leaves of basil and extra virgin olive oil

Grilled zucchini and yellow squash in a caper and parsley vinaigrette

Pane casareccio, Ciabatta bread, olive boule, and baguette with extra virgin olive oil

$19 per Guest

Pasta Chef $115
Pasta Station set-up $75

Other Antipasto additions...
Cacciotta Toscana
Lemon and Parsley marinated Shrimp
Shaved Mushroom and Parmigiano Salad
Oil Salame Norcino
Marinated Olives

Mashed potatoes

Whipped Red Bliss and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
offered with a variety of accompaniments:

Crunchy Bits of Fried Bacon
Jalapeno Butter
Chive Sour Cream
Grated Parmigiano - Reggiano Cheese
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Roasted Shallots
Toasted Pecans
Bourbon infused Maple Syrup

$9 per guest

Also available
Wild Mushroom Sauté
Foie Gras Butter
Truffle Butter

Mac and Cheese Station

Leek and Fontina
Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Cotswold
offered with a variety of accompaniments:

Crunchy Bits of Fried Bacon
Grated Parmigiano - Reggiano Cheese
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Grilled Onions
Marinated Tomatoes
Sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms with Thyme

$14 per guest

Traditional Comforts
Familiar tastes presented in a classic manner

Beef Tenderloin*
The most tender cut of Beef Pepper Crusted and Roasted
to a juicy medium rare
Served with a Fresh Horseradish Sauce

Caesar Salad
Crunchy Romaine, Garlic Croutons, Homemade Caesar dressing and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano

Shallot Sauteed Green Beans
Scalloped potatoes
With a brown and bubbly crust

Mini Potato Rolls
Sea Salt dusted Sweet Butter

$27 per Guest

Carving Chef $115
Carving Station $50

The Spanish version of bar food – perfect to accompany happy hour drinks.

Sherried Tenderloin
Black pepper and sherry marinated beef tenderloin with a Salsa Verde


Gambas al Ajillo
One of the most famous and popular tapas
Large shrimp sauteed in excellent extra virgin olive oil and toasted brown garlic
Tossed with Brandied Peppercorn, Sea Salt, and fresh Parsley

Choose 3 of the following…

Roasted Piquillo Peppers and Goat Cheese
Patatas Bravas – Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes with Aioli and Romesco sauce
Fried Calamari with Spicy Tomato - Pepper dipping Sauce
Roasted Eggplant Salad with Pomegranate Molasses
Apple, Fennel, and Manchego Salad
Meaty Green and Black Olives marinated with Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, and Hot Pepper
Manchego Cheese and Grilled Tomato Bread

$25 per guest

Gambas or Carving Chef $115
Station Set-up $75

Cajun Classics
Best of the Big Easy

Clean out the kitchen and throw in everything from andouille and chicken to shrimp and crawfish. Mix up enough rice to soak up all the good juices.


Poblano spiked corn and pepper etouffee
Our dark caramel colored etouffee sauce hot with spice and bits of sautéed fresh poblanos. Offered with white rice

Blackened salmon
Petite diamonds of pink salmon crusted in classic blackening spice and seared in a cast iron skillet

Fried Pickles
Caper cumin dipping sauce

SoCo bread pudding
Creamy custard and brioche bread baked into a vanilla scented pudding topped with a dash of Southern Comfort

$24 per guest

Fish Tacos

Grilled Mahi Mahi and Cumin Garlic scented Chicken
offered with a variety of accompaniments:

Spicy Slaw
Pico de Gallo
Sour Cream
Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese
Chopped Onions
Chopped Cilantro
Lime Wedges
Flour and Corn Tortillas

$16 per guest

Station Attendant $115
Station Set up $75

Sips, Sandwiches, and Salads,
(Select two)
Cream of Sweet Red Pepper
Chilied Cream of Pumpkin
Tomato - Basil Soup
Cream of Sweet Corn

Grilled Sandwiches
(Select two)
House Smoked Turkey, Provolone, and Pommery Mustard
Cheddar Grilled Cheese
Cheddar and Baon Grilled Cheese
Classic Reuben

Mini Caesar Salad

$15 per guest

Market Station

Seared Halibut with Artichokes and Capers
A selection of seasonal accompaniments sourced from local farms,
examples includes...

Slow Cooked Southern Style Greens
Corn and Leek Saute
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pine Nuts and Feta
Roasted Mushrooms with fresh Herbs
Beet and Chevre Salad
Tomato and Herb Salad
Wheatberry, Green Apple and dried Cherry Salad
dressed with Sherry and Ginger vinaigrette

$24 per guest

Savory Crepe station

Freshly made eggy crepes can be filled by your guests
with a variety of options:
Coq au vin
Shiitake Mushroom Ragout
Grated Parmigiano
Fresh Herbs


Gratineed Crepes- Gruyere and Ham filled crepes in a Mornay sauce baked to a golden brown

$16 per guest

Crepe Chef $115
Crepe Station Set-up $75

True Crepe Decadence

Crepes are sauteed in front of your guests in a classic Suzette (Butter, sugar, orange peel and Grand Marnier) then topped with your choice of gelato (Vanilla, Pumpkin and Ginger are favorites) and offered with Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce, Toasted Pecans, and Freshly whipped Cream

$14 per guest

Crepe Chef $115
Crepe Station Set-up $75

Pricing on all stations assumes that at least two stations are offered per guest.

Some stations are not available for guest lists of under 100.

Our Chefs work to accommodate the requests and suggestions of our Clients. Please inquire with your Event Coordinator about a customized menu.

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).

*Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your chance of foodborne illness

Summer Picnic

Clarendon Ballroom
Picnic Menu

Pulled pork BBQ
Our chef chooses Smithfield pork, rubs it with his own mixture of spice, then slowly smokes it over apple and cherry wood. The use of the fruit wood gives the meat a delicate and distinctive smoke flavor, and the long, slow cooking makes it tender. After meticulously hand pulling the meat, he then dresses it with a touch of vinegar and some of his homemade bbq sauce. Absolutely delicious.

$7.00 per guest

Baby back ribs
Same process as the pulled pork, except we use meaty baby backs and finish them on the grill with a little bbq sauce so that it glazes the exterior of the meat.

Market price

Hand grated classic coleslaw $2.75
Classic mustard and mayo potato salad $3
Macaroni salad $3

Potato rolls - $1.00 per guest

Smoked turkey breast
Our house smoked mustard and thyme rubbed turkey breast is perfectly cooked to be juicy and flavorful. We carve it for you, and serve it with our own cranberry bourbon relish and sweet and spicy mustard.


Chipotle rubbed London Broil
Rubbed with smoky and slightly spicy chipotle chilis, this London Broil is grilled first, the slowly cooked in a low oven to render it juicy and extremely tender. Served with chimichurri sauce


Grilled portobellas
A great vegetarian option –Marinated just like a steak with the hearty flavors of mustard and Worchester sauce, then grilled for a deeper smoky flavor


Side salads
$3 - $4.5

Wheatberry, green apple, and dried cherry salad in a sherry vinaigrette

Grilled sweet corn and fresh tomato salad

Sugar snap peas in a slightly fiery chili and sesame dressing

Classic potato salad

Don’s broccoli salad
Tender florets of broccoli combined with bits of bacon, toasted pistachios, and golden raisins in a slightly spicy dressing

Green beans with fried shallots and a lemon dill cream

Cilantro and lime veggie slaw

Grilled bread salad with cherry tomatoes and Vidalia onions in a fresh herb and balsamic vinegar dressing

Grilled asparagus - Tender spring asparagus is quickly wilted on a grill and served with a creamy lemon vinaigrette

Caesar salad with our own garlicky Caesar dressing and buttery croutons over crunchy hearts of Romaine with oven dried tomatoes

Moroccan carrots – fragrant carrots in a spicy lemon marinade

Wasabi cucumber salad

Mediterranean potato salad
Tender red bliss potatoes accented with fresh parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, and a healthy touch of garlic.

Summer orzo salad
Rice shaped orzo pasta is tossed with fresh spinach leaves, feta cheese, toasted pine nuts and a variety of diced peppers, tomatoes, and onions, all in a basil and cumin scented vinaigrette

All menu items are subject to applicable taxes and House Service Charge (20%).